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Name: Rob HaccouRob met Strat+
Birthday: February 24th
Profession: ex-Turf guitar player. Nowadays guitar/banjo/bass player, singer/song writer, producer, audio engineer (SAE certified). Teacher in guitar, 5-string banjo and bass guitar.

Tags: Pop, Ballads, Rock, Rock ’n Roll, Country, Bluegrass,
banjo,  fingerpicking,
folk, classical,


Rob Haccou grew up in a small but musical family next to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. His Dutch mother, being a housewife, was a natural singing talent (mezzo-soprano) who occasionally worked with professionals like The Skymasters and even joined Piet van Egmond’s Oratorium Choir for performing the “Mattheùs Passion” in Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw in the 60’s. His Indonesian father (born Djakarta) was a high officer at the Marine. He died of a heart decease when Rob was three years old, his older brother taking care of his mother. His second Indonesian father (born New Guinea) was a skilled car technician who was a great fan of country music and an outstanding chromatic harmonica player.

Rob started playing guitar at age 12. For a year he took chord lessons from the mother of Margriet Eshuys, an acknowledged Dutch singer, where the foundation was laid for playing songs. At age 18 he followed classical guitar lessons on the local music school for 2 years, studied violin for 2 years and for one year alt violin. Apart Gibson Deluxe Goldtopfrom his Martin D16-GT, he played the Les Paul guitar always as the main course and later on the American Strat+. In other words, the steel strings monopolize the conversation. However he made various songs on the Spanish nylon strings. Btw., he also loves drumming on his Roland TDW-20.

His first serious band ‘Turf‘ was contracted (thanks to singer/composer/friend Willem Henneke) by the Ariola company and climbed the tip parade nr. 14 in Holland with ‘Crime of Passion’ in 1980 plus a Dutch Television live concert (Vara’s Popkaravaan) together with the English band ‘XTC’. At that time he worked semi-professional. After 15 years of Turf his former drummer Frank Henneke invited him to join another band with an English singer/songwriter duo. They did a successful one-week-tour in Toulouse France.

Nowadays he writes, records and mixes his own songs (sometimes needing lyrical help from his friend Willem).
In 2011 he became november’s, in 2012 february’s winner of the internet contest website ‘Battle of the Genres’, with some uploaded video’s.Marshall 2210 In 2012 he received a big compliment for his song ‘Why Grass Is Blue nr. 2’, recorded when he played the banjo just for 5 months. This compliment came from no one less than banjo player Kelly Emerson, son of the famous Bill Emerson.
Loving to share his musical knowledge he gives private lessons in guitar, |  5-string banjo | and bass guitar at his home studio.

Perhaps the very long period of being a passionate amateur (< lat. amare [to love]) makes him somewhat ‘no trend’ but for sure he’s aware of life’s cultural fluctuations in pop music, exposed in contrasting styles like the early days of The Beatles, Stones, Blue Cheer, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Tim Buckley, Bob Dylan and first albums of Roxy Music, Sparks or decades later, Nirvana. Best metal album of all times he thinks is Sepultura’s ‘Roots’ (though musically speaking he prefers Deep Purple in Rock 😉 , but that’s Hard Rock). Besides he feels inspired by the beauty of strong consistent styles, from country, folk music, rhythm and blues, Rock ‘n Roll, to Bossa Nova, to classical music like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Prokofiev, Albinoni, Rossini, Saint-Saëns, Satie and more. Maria Callas singing ‘Avé Maria’, Léo Ferré and the Afro classiGold Tone EBM-5cal jazz of Nina Simone. Actually it’s just too much to mention but a good listener might notice him drinking the world, somehow like Picasso did, according to a friend. In spite of and thanks to all those styles, he thinks his personal global visions have brought him a style of his own. As long as he can turn emotions like happiness, sadness, romanticism, joy, love and loss of love into music. Which of course can even be expressed in ethnological forms. Maybe because of his Indonesian/Dutch blood with French ancestors he always felt as a child of the world.

At the same time he is a dyed-in-the-wool and experienced mix- and master-producer who never stops learning. For a long period of time he’s increasing his studio skills by recording audio, MIDI recording and editing, right from its start in 1985, using multiple platforms like Mac, PC and Atari (!). Besides self-taught he learned some neat tips & tricks when he became a certified audio engineer at SAE Amsterdam in 2009.
Further on he is not a ‘guitar’ guitarist (although finger picking changed his life). He just loves to make good songs and well recorded too.Martin D16-GT

Gear list Rob Haccou

Soundcraft mixing console, MOTU 828MKIII audio interface, MacBook Pro, Logic Pro recording onto OWC Mercury Elite Al-Pro Performance HD (the best there is!).

MBP uses as slave:
Windows PC 3Ghz Pentium IV with build-in Waldorf MicroWAVE PC/Terratec DMX6fire, EmulatorX with sound card, Windows XP Professional SP2, Cubase, Reason, Rebirth, WaveLab 6. Plug-ins like AAS LoungeLizard 3, Poly500, Delay Lama, etc.

Windows PC uses as slave:
Atari 1040 STfm, Cubase and Midex+ attached to KAWAI K1 II (master keyboard), AKAI S2000, Roland R-70 drum machine, Yamaha REX-50 FX processor.

Marshall JCM800 2210 amp + 1960 Lead cabinet. Guitars: Fender, Gibson, Martin, Ovation, Esteve and a Gold Tone banjo. Heavy picks from Dunlop, Martin and customized finger picks from PaulSmithMusic.net. Dunlop and National bronze picks for banjo. Roland TDW-20 drum kit. Mics: Shure, Beyer and Audix.

Roland TDW-20

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