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A recording session from 2013 with one of my starting 5-string banjo students:

Listen how you can make your music sound more advanced with Travis picking (finger picking):

How To Strum Your Guitar – The Fluttering Bird Principle
Do you want to know how to effectively strum your guitar? Don’t use muscles you do not need. The only motion you’ll have to use is the same as turning a key in a slot by twisting your wrist. On guitar you can learn that via the fluttering bird principle:

Guitar – Strum Fingers Lesson
For good nail strumming guitar downstroke you need to smack and stretch your fingers down like after you washed your hands. For nail strumming a following upstroke you smack and stretch your thumb up, contracting your fingers at the same time for the next downstroke:

Just enjoy freaking out on your (electric) guitar to this track with the notes C, E, F, G and Bb, formula: 1 3 4 5 b7, the Indian pentatonic scale (think of the Mixolydian mode without the notes 2 and 6):

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